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Who we are

We're a specialty Bitcoin integration shop based out of Kansas City, MO. We provide local, national, and international consultation and services to help businesses realize the benefits of Bitcoin and successfully integrate Bitcoin payments into their current business model.

Our philosophy

We've been using Bitcoin from it's infancy, and have seen the massive growth and potential the technology has for the future of payments. Our goal is to bring the benefits of Bitcoin to businesses both local and international to help revolutionize how the world pays for goods and services.

Our approach

We have yet to find a business model that can't benefit in some way from accepting Bitcoin. Our process involves a thorough review of your business to identify the key areas where Bitcoin payments can benefit you. We pride ourselves on:

  • Putting your interests first
  • Finding the best solution available
  • Holding your hand through the process

Industry Experience

International eCommerce
Bars and Restaurants
Theaters / Entertainment
Legal Services
Service Industries

Our Services

The services we provide all link back to a core philosophy of identifying and implementing the very best solution that will help your business grow, ease payment struggles for you and your customers, and position your company for the future of online and brick-and-mortar sales.

Business Consulting

Find out if Bitcoin is a good fit for your specific business model. And leave all the legwork to us.

POS Integration

Accepting Bitcoin at a brick-and-mortar store shouldn't be difficult. We'll make sure it stays that way.

Fluid eCommerce

Whether it's your first venture into online sales or you're an industry veteran, we have your back.

Spread the Word

Accepting Bitcoin payments opens the door to a (literal) world of new customers. We'll help you get the word out.

The Benefits of Bitcoin

World Payments

Fraud-free, international payments.

No Chargebacks

Irreversible payments ensure you stay paid.

Next-day Payouts

It's your money, after all.

Mobile Payments

Supports secure, wireless payments.

Ridiculously Low Rates

0.99% - It can't be beat.

Simplify Checkout

Simple, one-click checkout for customers.

What we can do

Bitcoin payments are immune to the common issues of chargebacks, identity theft, and other fraud.
Processing a Bitcoin transaction requires a mere 0.99% fee. At less than one percent, other payment processors simply can't compete.

How could Bitcoin work for you?

Nearly every business can benefit from just the core benefits of accepting Bitcoin payments,
we've created a few specific use cases to help showcase the possibilities.

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Where we are

  • LogicKC.
  • 380 West 22nd Street
  • Kansas City, MO 64108
  • United States
  • (816) 866-5272
  • dan@logickc.com
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